Mindful Monday: Supporting Balance


October 3, 2022: Mindful Mondays is a new weekly video series led by IUSD administrators, teachers and staff to help students cultivate the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become resilient and resourceful learners. This week’s Mindful Monday is focused on maintaining balance. Jeffrey Trail Middle School Counselors Julianne Jong and Michelle Trapp, along with JTMS students, share tips for managing busy school schedules.  In addition to asking for help from teachers, counselors, school mental health staff or other trusted adults, students should also practice healthy sleep, exercise, and nutrition habits, while taking advantage of mindfulness apps and don’t forget to have fun with friends and family. 

mindful monday video october 3, 2022

Additional Resources:

In addition to the Mindful Mondays webpage at iusd.org/MindfulMondays, weekly videos can be viewed on IUSD's InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube sites.